Consumer Weight Loss and Nutrition Trends

Consumer Weight Loss and Nutrition Trends

Courtney Singer-Coseglia

Weight Loss and Nutrition are hot topics amongst consumers today. According to our Evergi Consumer Wellness survey, 49% of consumers are trying to lose weight. There are numerous things consumers are doing to help improve their weight loss and nutrition whether that be simply working out, following a diet, or both.

Recent diet and nutrition trends

Diet and nutrition play a huge role in the weight loss journey. There are countless diet options out there these days, however, 33%of consumers who are attempting to lose weight are not following a diet at all. That being said, popular diets like Keto, Whole 30, and intermittent fasting are not likely to go away. In fact, Millennials are more likely to participate in these diets than any other age group. Amongst Millennials trying to lose weight 17% participate in intermittent fasting, 8% in Whole 30, and 12%in Keto.

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Brands can continue to capitalize across all age groups by innovating for the Millennials. Many Keto foods are considered low carb and low sugar, thus meeting the needs of other consumers who are also trying to lose weight.

Even if they’re not participating in a mainstream diet, 7% of consumers consider “Keto” to be an important label claim. This number goes up to 11% amongst consumers who are trying to lose weight. Low sugar products are in even higher demand., which presents endless opportunity for brand innovation.

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Consumer exercise trends

Exercise is the most talked about topic in our social listening data with 41% of the share of voice in December 2021. Despite the conversations around it, 61% of consumers find it hard to find the motivation to exercise — and that number increases to 71% amongst consumers who are tying to lose weight. Although it’s hard to find the motivation, this doesn't mean that consumers are not exercising; the average consumer exercises 1-2 times a week. Exercise can release dopamine in your brain and help combat feelings of depression,  72% of consumers report exercising for their mental health. Consumers who are trying to lose weight tend to exercise slightly more, with roughly a third of them exercising 3-4 times and another third 1-2 time a week.

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During Covid, the at-home exercise movement, gained momentum and importance bringing exercise brands like Peloton, Temper Studio, and Mirror, more into the pop-culture scene.  As brick-and-mortar gyms adjust to the current environment, more are offering Hybrid Memberships. Major players like Lifetime Fitness and Planet Fitness, are offering online and in-person flexibility to ensure they keep consumers in their franchise and allow for the needed flexibility.

As consumers navigate this nutrition journey, they are also seeking out particular health claims on products they purchase. Hydration and energy boosting claims are the most important for consumers . We have seen some recent innovation with Celsius, a hydrating energy boosting pre workout drink, as well as other hydration solutions by Liquid IV and Recess. Although these consumer needs are being met, there is still room for brands to innovate and deliver.

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