Launch new products with confidence.

Evergi combines social listening and survey data in a user-friendly platform, giving you a complete view of emerging trends.

Evergi helps you discover, validate, position, and market your next new product.

Uncover emerging trends before they crest.

Robust social listening helps you identify trends across products, ingredients, flavors and more.

Take the guesswork out of emerging trends.

Evergi integrates social listening and consumer survey data, providing a full view of a trend.

Once you have a trend in mind, customize the data based on your specific audience, product category, or desired need state.

Give consumers what they're looking for.

If your new product is for everyone, then it's for no one.

Evergi combines consumer psychographics alongside product usage so you can hone in on the right positioning.

Nail your go-to-market launch.

New product launches need impactful and relevant marketing campaigns.

Take your product planning one step further with filterable data on social media usage, brand and media affinities, and more.

Keep on innovating with an evolving ecosytem of data.

Innovation doesn't stop after one successful launch.

As you continue to drive new products forward and reach new markets, our platform evolves alongside emerging categories.

Platform Overview

Streamline your go-to-market for emerging wellness products.

Trend Snapshots

A high-level view of the latest wellness trends, the size of the prize, top personas, brands, SKUs, and more

Need State-Driven Consumer Insights

Survey and social data guided by the moods and aspirations consumers want from their products

Wellness-Specific Social Listening

Expansive coverage of the social landscape across topics, brands, and ingredients

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Evergi™ creates a clear path from trend discovery to consumer-centric marketing so Innovation teams can launch better products faster.

We take a completely integrated approach to our research.

No data silos = better insights for your team.

Our Methodology

A new approach to understanding emerging categories


A few words from our amazing clients

"The Brightfield team is an unbelievable partner with my organization. The account team is amazing and the insights, information, and perspective they provide has dramatically helped..."

"Brightfield Group continues to be one of our go-to resources when it comes to consumer insights, product innovation trends, and is now our trusted source of brand health tracking for the industry."

"It is so enjoyable to work alongside the insightful team at Brightfield and leverage their incredibly useful data."


Unmatched value with Evergi™

Unlimited Users
Access to Expert Researchers
Knowledge Base of On-Demand Resources
Dedicated Customer Support
Custom Survey Options
Simple pricing - no hidden costs for historical data or paying extra for more products.
Innovate faster with a complete look at emerging trends.

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