Dry January: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Dry January: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Courtney Singer-Coseglia

Dry January is a personal challenge to abstain from alcohol for the first month of the new year to promote health and wellness within yourself.  The Dry January challenge can also help you identify dependencies on alcohol within yourself, which may be needed after the increase in alcohol use due to the global pandemic. It may also be a way for you to “sample sobriety” and see if that works for you or if you would be interested in “healthier” alternatives. According to Evergi Consumer Insights, 57% of consumers are already consuming less alcohol to improve their health, lose weight, save money, and more.

Top Alcohol Attitudes when consuming less alcohol and who want more non-alcoholic beverages.

What are the health benefits of Dry January?

Quitting alcohol for 31 days is no easy task, so why do it? Going sober for these 31 days can help boost your mood, and even make it easier for you to identify mental health shifts so that you can consult your doctor. Doctors also suggest that by eliminating alcohol, you will sleep more soundly as alcohol can interfere with the adenosine chemical and disrupt your important REM sleep cycle. Besides improved mental health and sleeping habits, abstaining from alcohol can also help clear your skin. Alcohol increases the chemicals and hormones in your body, cortisol and estrogen that cause break outs. Additionally, if you’re one of the 56% of consumers aiming to lose weight, abstaining from alcohol can help with that too! Alcohol is heavy in sugar and carbs and often can cause bloating, eliminating alcohol will eliminate that pesky bloat. If any of those benefits sound good to you, why not give it a try?


How do I survive Dry January?

As mentioned before, quitting alcohol is not the easiest thing for everyone to do. Luckily there is support out there.  Dry January has been a country-wide campaign in the UK since 2014 and in its inaugural country-wide campaign in Canada. Canada is even offering a free 4 pack of non-alcoholic beer by So. Beer for the first 2,500 people to take the challenge. If you’re outside of those two counties, you can always turn to social media for support. A quick Facebook search can lead you to quite a few groups where you can join a community taking the same challenge. If social media is not your thing, try getting your friends to join Dry January with you. Doing it alone is much more difficult and having any type of support group can be helpful to achieve your goals. Additionally, remember not to be too hard on yourself, reward yourself when you do well, and plan for occasions where alcohol may be present.  

How do you plan you might ask? Consumers have found many substitutes for alcohol.


The most common alcohol alternatives are soda, seltzers, and even non-alcoholic beer and wine. With the emergence of functional beverages, there are even more options to replace the role of alcohol in your life and still experience obtain the relaxation and uplift you’re seeking.

Non-alcoholic drink brands to try

Hiyo – Functional Non Alcoholic Beverage

Winner of the BevNet Beverage showdown 2022, Hiyo is a social tonic with adaptogens, nootropics, and functional botanicals aiming to provide stress relief and a mood boost. It’s a fruity seltzer that provides what Hiyo calls “the float” where most consumers say they feel a calming lift that reduces their stress.  

Jeng – Hemp infused Alcohol alternative  

Refreshing alcohol free hemp infused beverages aimed towards cocktail lovers. Hemp extract provides a calming effect without the high with the familiar cocktail flavors you’re used to offering varieties such as Moscow mule, Paloma, and a Jeng and Tonic.  

Curious Elixirs – Botanical functional Alcohol alternatives  

Booze free craft cocktails using different adaptogens in their different flavors to offer different effects. With 6 Different offerings designed around classic cocktails, you are sure to find your desired effects. Some products offer relaxation while others offer balance or even help you set the mood.  

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