Navigating Wellness: Consumers Curate Health and Equilibrium Amid Stressors

Consumers are becoming more discerning in how they engage a wellness market subject to rising prices and economic uncertainty. As COVID fears subside, other stressors have grown in their place. Athletic performance, heart health, and weight loss are trending upward as people focus on the fundamentals of wellness, unplug, and connect with loved ones.

You'll learn:

+ How to monetize whitespace among middle- to low-income consumers

+ Who is working on improving fitness, and how

+ Which groups of trendsetters are shrinking, and which are taking their place

+ What's driving declines in the plant-based alternative market, and who is still buying

+ Which supplements and ingredients are on the rise

+ What facets of wellness are hot topics on social channels

+ What consumers are drinking instead of alcohol

+ Which products are ripe for short-term innovation

+ And much more!

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